What to Look Forward to in Brigantine, New Jersey

In one of the previous blogs, we have shared with you how beauteous and charming the town of Brigantine is. Being away from the hyped-up life yet being a part of it all due to its location, it makes it an ideal spot to be at for summers.

By being in Brigantine, New Jersey, you are able to enjoy two whole new environments. For more happening events, you can easily head around to the most well-known place to be at, Atlantic City, or just be around the town and enjoy the peaceful life.

If you are one of those people who would like to see the other side of being in Brigantine, New Jersey then we have some ideas of the places you need to be at and Exclusive Taxi and Car Service will be one order away to take you to all those places.


Since Atlantic City is near to Brigantine, one can easily head down there and be the part of the events that are taking all over Atlantic City. Some of the events you can be a part of are:

  • Honda Super Meet: This event is for all the car lovers out there who are interested in looking any upgrade Honda is bringing to the market. Also, they give you a chance to bring out your cars and give you a spot on the show if your vehicle passes their standards. You need to register for this event so what are you waiting for? It takes place on 15th June 2019.
  • Fireworks: Lighting up the sky is what Atlantic City is best at, and it will continue to happen every Saturday all through the summer with its spectacular fireworks! It has numerous sponsors and will be happening right at the beach front. There would be food stalls and other various vendors for you on the ground while you can enjoy the fireworks which are taking place only for you.


Everyone needs to eat healthy and fresh! So why not get your hands on the freshest produces of the town from the farmers market? Not only produces, but there are also numerous local brands which make their products 100% organic and aim to stay environmentally friendly. There is a vendor with homemade everything. Whether it be jams or any kind of crafts, you can find it at the farmers market. They set up the market bright and early on every Saturday all through the summer so that you get the freshest produce right in the morning.


The beach is all about being with your family, and that is why Brigantine, New Jersey organizes a ‘Family Fun Day’ right at the Brigantine beach for the whole family. It is to take place on Saturday, 6th July 2019, starting at 4 PM. Its location will be 15th Street South and Revere Boulevard. You can get everything from rides to food all at one place with a diversity of other attractions as well. Also, there will be a fundraiser as well for the local community who help each other out at the time of need and for the other non-profits organizations.


Head down to the Atlantic City Boardwalk on 21st August 2019 to kick off the 17th Annual air show. This year the Air show features the Thunderbirds of U.S Air Force which will entrance you with their speed, and sound they make is just like thunder! You are in for the greatest show ever since there will be multiple performances as well. You will be able to see the U.S. Navy F18 Super Hornet, the Golden Knights Parachute Team, Jim Beasley Jr’s P51D Mustang Demonstration, and the GEICO Skydivers.

Exclusive Taxi and Car Service will be happy to take you to any of these events and make sure that you reach on time to make your experience most fun and enjoyable, so contact us today.