What to do in Newark, New Jersey during a layover

Whenever you are traveling long distances or have chosen an airline which makes a necessary stop in between then layovers aren’t unknown to you. They are a part of Air travel which gives you an opportunity to check out the city you are at.

Sitting for hours in a boring terminal can get tiresome therefore it is necessary for you to plan ahead and think of all the things you can do in that time. Whether it be a few hours of a whole day trying to make the max of it and try to explore at least some part of the city which awaits you.

If you have a layover in Newark, New Jersey then Exclusive Taxi and Car Service can definitely help you out. Like we mentioned plan ahead and book yourself a car or even a taxi from the airport which can take you around at places you really want to check out.

We have some suggestions as to what you can do during a layover in Newark, New Jersey. Why don’t you check them out?


If you are too paranoid about stepping out in an unknown city and missing your flight then why not catch up on some sleep? Sleep during a flight is never the same as sleeping on land, therefore, you can always create a makeshift bed and snooze off. There are numerous benches which can act as a perfect bed for you especially if you have a neck pillow with you. If you are a light sleeper then in Newark airport a designated Quiet Room is available for you. Just head down to Terminal B and you can spot this room near the British Airways ticketing counter.

But if you are not a fan of sleeping at the airport then you can take airport shuttles to the hotels near Newark Airport and get yourself checked in one of the rooms.


All airports have lounges for their travelers though they depend on which class you are flying in. Newark Airport gives you the chance to upgrade your lounge if you are traveling in economy class. All you have to do is get your hand on the pass which will cost you some extra money for your comfort. In the lounge, you get access to food, drinks, and Wi-Fi as well. The seats are comfier and you can really relax without even leaving the airport.


A spa at the airport? Yes, you read that right. Newark airport has spas at not only one but two locations in Terminal C. The spa might not be a full fledge proper spa but it is equipped with certain services and professionals which can really help you relax especially if you are in for a long flight. They offer you services like manicure, pedicure and a chair massage. We suggest that you try it out and make the most of your layover.


We only suggest sightseeing and shopping if your layover is for a whole day as only then you will be able to do these activities. Sightseeing and shopping can be time-consuming therefore beware of the traffic and security lines at the airport before venturing out. If you have the whole day as a layover then do visit the largest museum of New Jersey, The Newark Museum. It has a diversity of exhibits and a planetarium as well. Other than that you can check out the nearby parks. Not only that you can even venture to New York if you have time on your hands and explore the Big Apple.

For shopping, there is a huge number of malls and shops. You can even shop while being at the Airport from various duty-free shops, or the book stores. You can even get your hands on some of the souvenirs to take back home as a memory.

No matter what you choose to do, Exclusive Taxi and Car Services suggests that you stay careful about the time you have and not end up missing your flight.