Education is a crucial and significant part of anyone’s life. A number of students, every year apply to a variety of the institutes for further education. They are excited to expand their horizon while dreaming and hoping for a better future with a stable job and income. 

One of the most preferred of the schools is Princeton University. The said university is so well-known that a whole borough is named after it. It is due to this university that it is known as a college town. 

Diversity of institutions are combined together in the area making this the hub of all forms and types of education. Any subject that you are looking will be taught at this Ivy League institution.

If you are one of the said students who are eager to join Princeton University, take a campus tour or just visit the town. There are numerous events happening in Princeton, New Jersey which you can be a part of. Some of the events are university-related, while others are something that the community put together. 

Exclusive Taxi & Car Service has some upcoming events that might you towards Princeton, New Jersey. 


Princeton University offers tours for their students or just visitors a grand tour of the campus all on foot. People are gathered at the Nassau Hall daily to get familiar with the campus with the help of a guide pointing out any major thing you will need to know. There are organized scavenger hunts included, which take you on the journey of historical and cultural enlightenment. 


If you are into the theater and have kids, this is the perfect place and activity to check out. The activity is presented and organized by Hopewell Theater whose aim is to get kids introduced to theater and eventually get them to develop an interest in it. It is known as a summer theater camp for kids of all age who gather on the stage for fun-filled and educational activities. The kids showcase the play they have been working hard for on the last day of the camp, which is 19 July 2019. 


 For satisfying your music soul, you can check out the concerts held all through July and August, every Sunday at the Graduate College. At 1 pm, no matter the weather performer gather to enjoy the sun and perform for the community and the audience it attracts. There is a number of various performers who will keep you well entertained during your Sunday afternoon. 

Other than these happening the places you can check out while in town are:

  • The Museum: For history, this is a perfect location to spend some quality time. It is open to the public and has the best historical collection to view. 
  • Dine at the upscale restaurants: Food is one thing that calls out to everyone. There is a number of simple dine-ins to check out, along with classy restaurants like Mistral. 
  • Satisfy your sport soul: You can watch various soccer matches that are scheduled to be played at Roberts Stadium, which feature the university’s soccer team.
  • A day at Bonkerz family fun center: here you can spend a fun day with your family or friends to relax and have a great time. 

You should definitely check out Princeton, New Jersey, not only for the sake of the university but the diversity of activities the surroundings have to offer. Book a ride or a taxi from Exclusive Taxi & Car Service to get you around the places you want to check out and be a part of.