Think of the Beautiful Jersey Shore for Weddings and Wedding Travel

Your wedding is the most special day of your life. Two become one, and your life of bliss and happiness begins. Your horizon of potential and possibility open before you, and you jump into the future, confident that your love and devotion will see it through. Some of the more notable destinations have been attracting visitors from all over the world for decades. Long known for its beautiful beaches and wonderful attractions, the Jersey shore and surrounding areas offer the ideal retreat for weddings and other events.

Awesome and Popular: Here Are Some of the Destinations!

Located well north of Atlantic City on the Jersey coast, Long Beach Island or, as the locals call it, LBI, is a narrow strip of white sand eighteen miles long and roughly a half mile wide. All along LBI are quiet little coastal towns each with their own character. From some of the finest restaurants and galleries to the annual Chowderfest Weekend Festival, LBI is a foodies dream come true. And don’t forget to visit “Old Barney,” the lighthouse that has become one of the most popular attractions. But, LBI is also for the true beach lover. With its many vacation rental houses on the beach and its many B&B’s, LBI offers enviable lodging options. The quiet and relaxed atmosphere appeals to all types and attests to its popularity.

Point Pleasant Beach, located on the Barnegat Peninsula, is another narrow white sand beach somewhat similar to LBI, but not a true island. Point Pleasant boasts the longest undeveloped coastline in New Jersey in Island Beach State Park. With a myriad of activities to indulge in, Point Pleasant is ideal for families, young couples and kids of all ages. Jenkins Boardwalk and Aquarium are a couple of the scenes that should not be missed. If you like your beer local, then visit Last Wave Brewing Company, recognized as a fun, informal spot with great service and atmosphere.

Immediately North of Pleasant Beach rests the beautiful destination location of Spring Lake. Spring Lake is known as the Jewel of the Jersey Shore, and for good reason. Once the destination spot for captains of industry, it has retained its aura of exclusivity. From the welcoming locals that give it a small-town feel to the sophisticated restaurants and galleries, Spring Lake is sure to provide you with wonderful memories of warmth and beauty. If you are looking for arts and culture, take a look at Spring Lake. Spring Lake also hosts numerous B&Bs that make for ideal wedding venues and romantic getaways. An intimate retreat or family gathering, there is always something fun going on for everyone at Spring Lake.

Located at the southernmost end of New Jersey, Cape May boasts the oldest resort in the country. Experience a virtually unlimited selection of activities and events. Adorned in Victorian charm, Cape May is never a destination that disappoints. Explore one of the many wild preserves with their abundant wildlife and unique flora. And speaking of animals, don’t forget to visit the Jersey Shore Alpacas; these friendly little guys are sure to warm your heart! Also in the vicinity is the famed Cape May Lighthouse. Built in 1859, this wonderful structure is open for the public to explore and enjoy.

The Jersey Shore, Getting There is Half the Fun!

If you’re lucky enough, you have already booked your wedding somewhere along the many venues located on the Jersey Shore, or even one of those profiled. Whether it’s an intimate affair or a large party, you will find a venue to meet your needs. And once you’ve located your perfect spot, why not travel there in style? You and your wedding guests have numerous fun and exciting options available and each have their own charm and flavor. Along with our taxi cab services for those in Ocean County, NJ, as well as the surrounding areas, we also offer limousine services, wedding shuttles, and airport car services.

Taking a limousine never gets old. You experience all the amenities of a hotel right there in the vehicle. The stress of travel is off your shoulders, and you can enjoy the journey with your loved ones or just that special someone. New Jersey has numerous limousine rental agencies and the seaside towns are no exception. Catering to people from all over the world the relaxed and easygoing tenor of the shore towns cannot hide each town’s sophistication and dedication to customer service.

Wedding Shuttle
Those with a larger guest list who want to keep everyone together can try one of our many Wedding Shuttle options. These are not school buses, but customized and elegant buses that are fitted with some of the latest accoutrements. From wet bars to the latest stereo systems, you can party with your loved ones all the way to your great day.

Airport Car Service
Important people coming in from out of town at the last minute? This is always a stressful situation, but this has happened countless times before and the solution is already available. No need to call around or get panicked about unavailable transport. You will find fast, friendly and convenient transport ready to move. Even more, Airport car service needn’t be a clunky rental, you can surprise your guests with a limousine! Options are available for any wallet.

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