Courier Services

Courier Services

Benefits Of A Courier Service

Courier services offer many benefits to their customers, especially when compared to a traditional mail company. This ensures that business owners will continue to trust these companies to ship their products to customers.

A Fast, Reliable Service

When you use traditional mail to send your items, it can often take a few days before they arrive. In some situations, this may be too late. For example, if you needed to get an important business document, it might not possible to wait a few days for this item to arrive. When you hire a courier, you can rest assured that your item will get to its destination in a prompt manner. In addition, they are highly reliable. Traditional mail services get sent thousands of items each day. This can mean that some of them will get lost or misplaced. Fragile items can easily get broken. Consistently getting broken items can give a business a poor reputation, even if the fault lies with the transporter. This isn’t the case when you hire a courier. They offer a more personalized service. This means that every item you send with them will be taken care of properly. It also ensures that your items will arrive in good condition.

Allows Businesses More Options

Many businesses want to find new ways to make money and improve the services that they can offer to customers. In this case, a courier service might be the perfect solution, as they offer multiple ways for you to improve your offerings. For example, you can provide a courier service as standard, giving you a competitive advantage over your competition. Alternatively, you could use it to introduce a new pricing scheme. For example, for a few extra dollars, you can offer an express shipping service. This will mean that the customer gets the item sooner, and you make more money.

Protected By Insurance

When you send an item using a courier company, it will be protected by insurance. This means that if it accidentally gets broken or damaged, you will be able to get the item fixed. This protection will ensure that your business is protected from the cost that comes with having to repair these items.



For many businesses, the alternative to a courier service is delivering the packages themselves. This saves the trouble caused by using the traditional mail service. However, this can be an extremely expensive option. For example, you will need to pay to purchase the vehicles, keep them serviced, pay for drivers, and keep them running. This can be a major cost, which courier services help you avoid. They offer the same service, for a much smaller price tag.


As more people purchase items online, businesses are trying to find reliable ways for customers to receive the items that they send. This is especially important for a place like Ocean County, New Jersey. This is one of the fastest-growing areas in New Jersey, making a reliable way of sending packages through the city more essential than ever. As we discussed, this is just one of the benefits that a courier service can bring to your business. So, investigate courier services in your area to find out more about the benefits that this transportation method can provide.

Taxi – Ocean County


What we offer

Exclusive’s taxi service covers all the bases for a busy traveler – or reveler. By choosing Exclusive, you reap the following benefits:


Airport Services

How many times have you landed at an airport, and all you want is to get to your final destination and get settled, but you still have to wait for your bags and a parking or rental car shuttle, then drive yourself? How often have you seen a professional driver at the baggage claim, holding a card with a last name on it, and wished it was your name?

Exclusive Taxi and Car Service can make that happen for you. Imagine the weight lifted off your shoulders on your next trip, when you don’t have to drive yourself to or from the airport!

Our taxi service makes daily runs out of Ocean County, NJ, to every major airport in the vicinity. Our courteous, well-trained drivers will be on time and ready to transport you safely to the next stage of your trip, with your comfort as their highest priority.


Smoke-Free Vehicles

Our vehicles are meticulously maintained, cleaned twice a week at a car wash, and our no-smoking policy lets you breathe easy en route to your destination.



No need to map out directions for your driver. Our taxi service equips each vehicle with a GPS tracking device, so all you need to do is tell us where you need to go, then sit back and enjoy the ride.


Group Travel

Exclusive taxi cabs can transport up to four passengers for the price of one. We also offer limousine services for larger groups or special event transportation.


Who we serve

While the company is based in Ocean County, NJ, Exclusive Taxi and Car Service serves an extensive area, including Monmouth and Burlington County and the surrounding regions.

Our airport taxi service runs daily to and from Newark Liberty and Atlantic City International Airports in New Jersey, Philadelphia International Airport in Pennsylvania, and JFK and La Guardia Airports in New York.

Booking an exceptional taxi ride online couldn’t be simpler. Just visit our scheduling page, enter the details of your trip, and get a quote for the price of the ride. You can even select the type of vehicle you’d like to pick you up.

Also, don’t hesitate to call Exclusive Taxi and Car Service today to discuss how we can take some of the stress out of your next trip!


As you start to pick out a fancy tux fitted for James Bond himself or shop for a dress that Cinderella would have worn to the ball, students should also start to plan on how they are going to get to their prom venue. No one wants their parents to drop them off or have to borrow mom’s minivan to take you, your date and a few of your friends.

That’s why we here at Exclusive Taxi & Car Service are proud to help high schoolers arrive to one of the biggest parties of the year in style. Our prom transportation limo services can help get you to and from your prom safely. While going to prom is an option, arriving like a rockstar and feeling like a million bucks is a necessity.


Why Do You Need To Rent a Limo Service For Prom?

There are many benefits of having a professional chauffeur available when it comes to prom transportation to and from your event. Some of the reasons why students in the New Jersey area turn to us for their special night include:


Arriving in Style

With our prom transportation, for one night, you or your child can feel like the biggest celebrity or rock star in the world. Doing it big and arriving in a flashy limo will help turn heads and make you feel like you’re arriving at the Oscars.



Reserving our prom transportation limo services can help give you one less thing to worry about or plan. We’re able to pick you up at a designated area or home and take you to your prom. Unlike other services, our drivers stay at the location all night just in case something comes up or the night ends early. Once the night is over, we can take you and of your friends back home or dropped off at an after-party.


Roll Squad Deep

The problem with driving yourself or borrowing a family members car is that you can only go with a few of your buddies. Since everyone is partnered up with a date, room in a car can fill up real quick. Avoid the hassle and rent a party bus or limo service from our team at Exclusive Taxi & Car Service.


Reach Out Today

High school students In the Mercer County, Burlington County, Monmouth County and Ocean County areas of NJ can reach out to our team at Exclusive Taxi & Car Service. Our prom transportation limo services have helped high school students all across the area stand out and turn heads. Call us today for information on our fleet or to book your reservation now!

Bachelorette Parties

Understanding Bachelorette Party Transportation Needs

Bachelorette parties are about celebrating an upcoming wedding. It is usually a great moment for the bride to have fun with her friends. The nature of bachelorette parties is such that careful planning is required to ensure everyone safe. Rather than have guests arrive and leave separately, more and more people are choosing to organize group transport for their guests. This allows the bride to have more leeway over the choice of venue and also ensures that the safety of her guests is at its best.

Benefits of Using Exclusive Taxi and Car Service

There are numerous benefits to using Exclusive Taxi and Car Service for your bachelorette party transportation. Here are just a few of them:
• Guests going to the party need not worry about drinking and driving. They can have as much fun
as possible in the secure knowledge that we will take care of all their transportation needs.
• Using our bachelorette party transportation facilities gives you greater choice regarding the
venue of your party. You can have the venue out of town or in the middle of the city without
worrying about driving long distances or the availability of parking.
• Exclusive Taxi and Car Service drivers are highly professional and adhere to strict schedules. This
way, you are guaranteed that your party will start on time.
• You will not have to worry about DUI charges as none of your guests will drive under the
influence of alcohol. Don’t let your party and wedding be marred by traffic fines due to drinking
driving after your bachelorette party.

Choose Exclusive Taxi and Car Service for Top-Notch Transportation Services

Exclusive Taxi and Car Service is your answer to bachelorette party transportation needs. Our fleet of cars gives you a great choice and you can be assured that all our cars are in excellent condition. We also have a smoking-free policy in all our cars so you can expect that there will be no odors that can spoil your traveling experience. You can also depend on our drivers to be professional at all times. We treat all our clients with great courtesy and so your guests are going to be in good hands. We also ensure that our drivers are highly trained and have a lot of experience handling any vehicle. This way, you are assured that your guests will get to the venue and return home safely. Are you looking for the best bachelorette party transportation services in Mercer County, Burlington County, Monmouth County, or Ocean County? Reach out to us on 732-350-TAXI (8294) 609-686-LIMO (5466).

Bar/Bat Mitzvahs

Understanding Bar/Bat Mitzvahs Transportation Needs

Organizing a Bar/Bat Mitzvah often involves transporting guests. If the celebrations are being held in a hotel or a remote site, ensuring that all the guests arrive in time and safely can be a huge challenge. There also may be an additional problem of getting the guests home after the party. When faced with such logistical challenges, many residents of Central New Jersey prefer professional transportation companies such as Exclusive Taxi and Car Service to handle such needs. With our luxury mini-buses and other vehicles, we can help you get your guests safely and on time.

Benefits of Using Exclusive Taxi and Car Service

There are numerous benefits to using Exclusive Taxi and Car Service for your Bar/Bat Mitzvah. Here are
just a few of them:
• Saves you costs as your transportation needs are consolidated. Our luxury minibuses and buses
will get your guests to the venue of the party in style and comfort.
• Using our Bar/Bat Mitzvah transport services ensures that you need not worry about transport
logistics. Rather than sharing route maps with dozens of guests, you simply need brief us and we
will get your guests there.
• When planning a Bar/Bat Mitzvah, you may be worried about the safety of your guests as they
come to the party and as they go home. With Exclusive Taxi and Car Service, you can rest
assured that our professional drivers will get your guests safely to wherever they need to go.
• Using Exclusive Taxi and Car Service gives you a broader choice of venues to hold your Bar/Bat
Mitzvah as you don’t have to worry about distance or parking spaces. You can thus have your
celebrations at any venue of your choosing and leave the transportation logistics to us.
• Using Exclusive Taxi and Car Service ensures that your celebrations start on time. This is because
we strictly adhere to the agreed pick-up and departure schedules.

Choose Exclusive Taxi and Car Service for Top-Notch Transportation Services

At Exclusive Taxi and Car Service, you can be sure that you are dealing with the best. We go out of our way to ensure that we take the headache out of planning transportation for your Bar/Bat Mitzvah. Regardless of the number of guests, our fleet of vehicles is more than enough to handle any needs that you may have. You will also be glad to know that we price our services competitively so you don’t have to break your budget. Our excellent limousine service will also add an extra touch to the guest of honorof the party. We have one of the largest fleets of vehicles in Central New Jersey so any extra needs (such as a last-minute guest confirmation) can easily be handled. Are you looking for the best Bar/Bat Mitzvah party transportation services in Mercer County, Burlington County, Monmouth County, or Ocean County? Reach out to us on 732-350-TAXI (8294) 609-686-LIMO (5466).

Birthday Parties

Understanding Birthday Party Transportation Needs

When organizing a birthday party, one is often faced with the challenge of managing different components of the event. One of these those major components is transportation. If you are organizing to have people go to a certain venue, you must ensure that that you share out route maps to the event venue. There will also be the issue of timing. One needs guests to arrive at a certain fixed time and if the guests are coming separately, it might be difficult to get all of them to come on time.
When facing such logistical challenges, it is best to turn to the services of a birthday party transportation company such as Exclusive Taxi and Car Service. Not only does it make the process of planning easier but it also ensures that everything runs on schedule.

Benefits of Using Exclusive Taxi and Car Service

There are numerous benefits to using Exclusive Taxi and Car Service for your birthday party. Here are
just a few of them:
• It makes logistical planning easier. Instead of sending route maps to dozens of guests, all you
need to do is to brief us and we will ensure that all the guests are picked and dropped at the
• Using our services makes it cheaper for you to transport guests to the locations. This is because
you can hire any one of our luxury minibusses or buses to ferry your guests. This consolidates
your transportation needs and makes it easier on your budget.
• With Exclusive Taxi and Car Service, your guests are assured of safety and comfort. It means that
they can leave their cars behind and enjoy the party without worrying about driving back home.
• If your party is in an area where parking spaces are hard to come by (such as a hotel in a busy
urban area), Exclusive Taxi and Car Service will take that burden out of your mind. Your guests
can be dropped right at the door of the hotel and picked up when the party is done. They need
not drive around city blocks looking for parking.
• When you use Exclusive Taxi and Car Service, your party runs on schedule as your guests will
arrive exactly on time. Our professional drivers ensure that pick-up and departure times are
strictly adhered to. This is not only great for party planning but can save you money since most
hotels charge extra fees when parties extend beyond the agreed-upon time.

Choose Exclusive Taxi and Car Service for Top-Notch Transportation Services

When you come to Exclusive Taxi and Car Service for your birthday party transportation needs, you are assured that you are working with the best. We go out of our way to ensure that we deliver exactly and what you want. This includes any schedules that we have agreed upon. Our drivers are very professionaland experienced so you are assured of a smooth ride. You are also assured that all your guests will be treated with the uttermost respect. You will be pleased to know that we have one of the largest fleets of vehicles in Central New Jersey so we are usually able to accommodate even short-notice transportation arrangements.
Are you looking for the best birthday party transportation services in Mercer County, Burlington County,
Monmouth County, or Ocean County? Reach out to us on 732-350-TAXI (8294) 609-686-LIMO (5466).

Special Events

Whether you’re looking to enjoy a night on the town or traveling to a corporate event, our team at Exclusive Taxi and Car Service sets the standards for all that is luxury transportation services. Not only do we offer more affordable rates than competing limousine rental companies, but our drivers have many years of experience navigating local routes in the Greater Jersey Shore region and will be able to get your group to the destination quickly and comfortably.


Professional Limo Rental


Luxury Party Bus Rental

  • Homecoming
  • Prom Night
  • Graduation
  • Sporting Events


When traveling to a new area, it’s always a hassle to determine the best means of transportation and the best possible route to take. Rather than worrying about taking public transit or waiting for rideshare services to become available in your area, Exclusive Taxi and Car Service provide a comfortable and affordable means of transport day or night. Unlike other companies, our dedicated staff provides our taxi and rental services 24 hours a day, seven days a week to accommodate all of our customers’ transportation needs.

Our professional drivers strive to create the evening of a lifetime during all of our limousine and party bus rental customers. With the help of our friendly agents and well-trained dispatchers, utilizing state of the art navigation technologies, we guarantee to pick you and your guests up on time, every time.

Rider comfortability and safety are our primary concerns at Exclusive Taxi and Car Service; it is for that very reason why all of our taxis and luxury rental vehicles are 100% smoke-free to maintain a clean and relaxing traveling experience for people of all ages.

All of our professional taxi and luxury vehicle rental services are currently available 24/7 in the following Jersey areas:

  • Ocean County
  • Burlington County
  • Mercer County
  • Monmouth County


Our services are also available in certain parts of New York and around the Greater Philadelphia area. To find a driver in your area, call us today! Our friendly and knowledgeable agents would love to help find transportation accommodations for you and your friends.

For more information about all of the services we offer at Exclusive Taxi and Car Service, or to schedule your limo rental or party bus rental, give us a call today and allow us the opportunity to make your night out as worry-free and memorable as possible.


Understanding Wedding Transportation Needs

Weddings are organized to follow a certain list of events which simply means that specific time allocation has been put in place. In order for guests to adhere to the designated timing slot, it is important for a shuttle service to be engaged. This will help ensure that guests will make it on time to celebrate the auspicious event with the bridge and groom according to schedule. Each item on the events list will then be able to get executed seamlessly until the end.

Exclusive Taxi and Car Service will help warrant the safety shuttle of your guests to the wedding venue. This will help facilitate the smooth operation of your event according to plan. As the wedding organizer, there is not a need to worry about the arrival of your guests.

Benefits of Using Exclusive Taxi and Car Service

There are numerous benefits to using Exclusive Taxi and Car Service for your wedding. Here are just a few of them:

  • Wedding logistics will be fully managed by our team. Simply inform your guests of the pick-up location and we will take over from there.
  • By consolidating everyone in the guest list, it makes shuttling your guests much cheaper.
  • Exclusive Taxi and Car Service will ensure the safety of your guests at the start of the event as well as at the end after having too much to drink.
  • You do not need to fret about insufficient parking space as Exclusive Taxi and Car Service will pick your guests up and drop them off later so nobody needs to drive.
  • There will be no concern of having to start your event late as we will fetch and alight your guests according to schedule so everything will be on track.

Choose Exclusive Taxi and Car Service for Top-Notch Transportation Services

Exclusive Taxi and Car Service ensures only professionals will be assigned to work at your event. You can rest assured that the safety of your guests will be in safe hands. We go the extra mile for every assignment like we have always did to ensure your event runs smoothly at the beginning and towards the end. Our priority is to always stay on schedule so no concerns of a late start will ever arise. Your guests will get to travel in style and arrive at your event in a glamorous setting. We also entertain last-minute requests as we have the largest fleet within central New Jersey so most of urgent appointments can be accommodated to.

Are you looking for the best wedding transportation services in Mercer County, Burlington County, Monmouth County, or Ocean County? Reach out to us on 732-350-TAXI (8294), 609-686-LIMO (5466).

Airport Transportation

An Airport Taxi That Caters to Your Schedule

Our fleet provides 24-hour, affordable shuttle services and last-minute booking for residents of Mercer County, Burlington County, Monmouth County, and Ocean County. Our car services offer drop-off and pick-up for:


Who Says First Class is Just for Flying?

When you arrive in a new city, trying to rent a vehicle and navigate the streets yourself can be stressful, waiting on a shared-ride service can take time you just don’t have, and figuring out bus routes or shuttle services can not only be confusing, but also require you to wait through all the stops on the route. Why settle for a service that can be just as draining as the flight you just got off from when you can have the best airport car service with a driver who already knows the region?

With Exclusive Taxi and Car Service, you don’t have to worry about traffic, directions, other travelers, or unwanted stops. You can sit back, relax, and leave the rest of your travels to us. We will get you to your destination on time, but for the most part, we make it our mission get you there earlier than your quoted arrival time.


An Efficient Airport Taxi with Class

Airport transportation is a common concern for travelers at airports worldwide. If you travel a lot for business or have a large party traveling together, the stress of air travel combined with the hassle of driving your own (or multiple) vehicles to the airport, getting there on time, trying to find well-lit and safe parking, paying to leave the cars parked for days-on-end, and then trying to find your way around an international airport can be a real trial.

Give our airport car service a call to avoid the mess. Exclusive Taxi and Car Service will come straight to you and battle the traffic while you can catch up on work, make phone calls, confirm your departure time, or make some final adjustments to your itinerary while we drop you off right at the gate. When you plan on returning to town, call us in advance, and we’ll be waiting to pick you up and take you home. It’s that easy. Hassle-free, affordable, exclusive, and prompt — why wouldn’t you choose Exclusive Taxi and Car Service?


Leave the Navigation to Us

Trying to navigate interstates or expressways to the airport before taking a flight is tense. Unexpected traffic, inclement weather, construction zones, or detours can make the whole experience quite stressful. It can even potentially cause you to miss your flight. We understand our clients’ need for quick and safe transportation to and from the airport.

Our drivers are well-trained, experienced, and equipped with advanced GPS systems. Whether you prefer Cadillac or an airport limo service, we have you covered. Just tell us what time your flight is, and we’ll make sure we pick you up in plenty of time to get there quickly. And while prompt service is important to us, safety is a priority. You can be sure our experienced drivers will take every precaution to ensure that you arrive at your destination securely and with plenty of time to make your flight.


Book Your Airport Car Service Today

Are you looking for the best 24-hour shuttle for last-minute rides in Mercer County, Burlington County, Monmouth County, or Ocean County? If you’re in need of a ride to or from the Newark Airport, Philadelphia Airport, or Atlantic City Airport, or if you need transportation in a city you’re unfamiliar with, give Exclusive Taxi and Car Service a call today!

Trenton Mercer Airport Transport

Trenton, the Exploration Capital

Trenton, the state capital of New Jersey, is just the place for adventurers and history lovers. One of the most visited areas in the capital is the New Jersey State Museum. It is located within the region that encompasses the New Jersey State House. The museum features an impressive fine art collection that features approximately 12,000 historic and natural works.

Recent renovations have seen the exhibition of works that promote the state’s cultural and artistic life. Another most-visited site is the Old Barracks Museum that lies between the War Memorial and the State House. The Sun National Bank Center is host to massive family-friendly events. In the past decades, international artists such as Elton John, Cher, and Bruce Springsteen have graced the stage.

Overview of Trenton Mercer Airport

Trenton Mercer International Airport’s code is TTN. The airport supports a massive departure and arrival count of 100,000 passengers annually. Currently, Frontier Airlines is the sole airline that flies from TTN airport. Despite of this, the airport prides itself in flying non-stop to 19 destinations. Trenton Mercer Airport is not as well-known as its neighboring counterparts.

Even so, it still manages to host a good number of travelers who are out to visit the south eastern area of the United States. To put this in numbers, more than 325,000 passengers arrive or depart at the Trenton Mercer Airport annually. TTN airport is well-organized and is also hustle-free alternative to the larger airports. There are a couple of affordable accommodations next to the airport that serve as excellent relaxation or romantic getaway spots.

Shuttle Services We Offer in Trenton City, New Jersey

If you prefer not to spend the night in nearby hotels, Exclusive Taxi and Car Service provides the best way to get to your destination. We train our drivers to ensure passenger safety and total comfort during local and long-distance travels. We offer private taxi and car services that are sure to exceed your expectations.

There are tons of reasons why we are regarded as the number one taxi and car service company in Trenton City. One of them is the stunning exterior and interior appearance of our vehicles. We keep them stylish, smooth, and clean at all times. We also keep our rates as low as possible to ensure that you enjoy the best for less.

We offer a range of first class services including:

  • Wedding transportation
  • Special event transportation
  • Airport transportation
  • Prom transportation

If you seek to move from point A to B in style and on time, do not hesitate to contact us today.