Renewing Parker House’s Liquor License

Parker House! Rings a bell, doesn’t it?

You guessed it right, it’s that same place where you spent all your summer in your early 20s! Yes, it’s still there, making our lives a lot better and helping us drink and drain all our worries away.

Parker House; the name is enough to make a person feel at home, let alone all the music and that feeling of nostalgia still hanging in the air as if time hasn’t moved forward at all since you last stepped out of there staggering and not knowing that this would be your last time enjoying there as a carefree adult.

Booze and Parker House goes along like chips and salsa. The bar providing the comfort of a home, amazing food and of course, alcohol was and still is the most famous bar of Sea Girt, New Jersey.

In business since 1878, it hasn’t stopped making our summers better and memorable. People of all age groups come here to have the time of their lives; elderly as to re-live their high-school summers and young to make lots of memories while they are in high-schools/colleges; everybody is welcomed with the same feeling of homeliness as being welcomed to a house party hosted by the most famous kid in the class.

Every year in summer, the activities begin in May and come to full swing around the Memorial Day weekend. Rooms on the top floor are always pre-booked for the people flying in from other cities.

The Tavern located downstairs features live music on weekends. The bar operates only till 11:30 every night and people start pouring in shortly after 5 PM to dance and drink enthusiastically till the point they have to leave heavy-heartedly!

Seeing and hearing about the fast-spreading fame of Parker House, every year thousands of people pour into this neighborhood to witness the madness that goes down here.

Since this bar is located in a residential area, therefore, the attraction of large crowds especially on live concert nights makes it quite worrisome for the people living in the neighborhood. A number of complaints about noise and drunk behavior have been reported to the police and it gets difficult for the police to control such large crowds.

The task of policemen is doubled as they have to keep a balance between maintaining the quality of life for the residents and maintaining the safety of every single person in and outside the bar and the restaurant.

In 2018, to overcome problems like the ones mentioned above that kept occurring at a frighteningly high rate year after year, borough council of Sea Girt was confused whether to renew the liquor license of Parker House or terminate it at once.

Eventually, the council came to a decision to renew the license but with 13 conditions in total, in which hiring a guard to check IDs at the entrance and installation of closed-circuit TV cameras in and around the building, were the most important conditions for the bar to execute to keep their business running.

This year, prior to the decided session on 26th June for seasonal license renewal, another meeting was held with the Parker House representatives in which Attorney Roger McLaughlin requested the council to renew the license with last year’s decided conditions stating that in recent years they have made efforts to overcome issues like noise and large crowds. He further stated that they are ready to convert a portion of their property into drop-off and pickup point to prevent overcrowding the road!

No matter what the final verdict is everyone should at least once need to visit the Parker House. For escaping all the issues of noise and overcrowding just order a taxi from Exclusive Taxi and Car Services and reach to your house or hotel safely.