Gas Prices in New Jersey are Rising Again?

Beware you all who were thinking about traveling to New Jersey this summer since it is predicted that gas prices are on the rise again. Especially the prices and taxes on a gas station or a pump.

For a long time, New Jersey has had the lowest of the gas prices in comparison to the country, but now there is a steady rise to it. The prices are still lesser than the national average but they are predicted to reach that mark pretty soon.

The price which was previously $2.81 has increased five cents in just a span of a week in New Jersey.

Why this rise in prices?

Due to the increase of crude oil prices

Crude oil prices are on the high rise due to OPEC cuts also because of the demand. Prices fluctuate according to OPEC and the market values all the time and it’s the general public who has to suffer. The price of crude oil has moved up to $55.

Due to taxation

Another reason is the growing taxes which are being the cause in the rising prices. Government is putting more taxes on the pumps and gas station owners which is directly affecting the gas prices. Also for the wages of the staff, the pump management has to adjust the prices accordingly.

Low fuel reserves

The state is said to be low on fuel stockpiles due to exports and seasonal maintenance. The Northeast is most affected since the reserves are at the lowest there and people are suffering because of lack of fuel reserves. The maintenance is said to limit the gasoline production which will directly affect the demand and the prices.

Due to Spring Blend

With spring break already here and summer vacation ahead there is a high demand for fuel for traveling and from drivers. Since tourism is said to be at the peak and traveling will be at its highest. Also, the nation is set to be switched to summer-blend gasoline which is more expensive as it is more refined and is not easily accessible. This switch is said to take place on 1st May 2019.

These prices will continue to rise, according to the analyst, due to less and shrinking fuel, oil and gasoline stocks.

Residents and drivers are disappointed and frustrated due to the fact that summers are the time when traveling are at its peak and tourist all flock to the state. They are even lodging complains and finding alternatives for making their lives easier.

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