After a long grueling year of studying and daily hard work, Prom is the event that makes you go through it all. Prom becomes the motivation and something to look forward to as a reprieve and a perfect opportunity to get dressed up and let loose. It is the one last big celebration with all your friends and a much-needed fun time in midst of all the stress.

Every little detail about Prom becomes important from the dresses to the choice of transportation since a lot of thought goes into it all. Whatever transport you are going to pick is going to leave an impact and how you remember the night so why not get all at the ideas of how you can get to your prom in style and choose wisely?

Horse Drawn Carriage:

For your Cinderella moment, a Horse Drawn Carriage might be the best option out there. It has a vibe of its own that remains unbeatable and nothing is ever going to be more stylish and give you a feel of royalty than a carriage. If you are planning to pull up to the prom location with your date then this is the best romantic option there is since a slow and smooth ride will set the mood right and give you a serene environment to hold a conversation.

A Vintage Car:

Another option for someone who wants to make a historic statement is to go for a vintage car. A vintage car is a style statement and will go perfectly with your sophisticated outfit if that’s the theme you have set for yourself. It will give you the ultimate VIP experience with a chauffeur and a luxurious interior with more than enough leg space so that your dress remains perfect.

Sports Car:

Want to turn heads as you race down the road? Then why not go for your favorite sports car. A sports car is the best vehicle to tell people that you are pulling up way before you pull up since that revving engine is sure to announce your arrival way ahead. It is also perfect if you are only traveling with your date and to make most of the ride we suggest that you take a longer route to the location.

Stretch Hummer:

Having a variety of colored exteriors, Stretch hummer has become a new favorite. It comes in an array of bright colors which can be spotted from a mile away and has that style and luxury of a sports car and a limo. It is big enough to cater to a small group of friends and has an interior similar to a party bus which allows you to get in the party mood ahead of the event.

Yellow Bus:

Why not be nostalgic and get yourself a Yellow Bus? It can be a fun and memorable way to get to your destination since a yellow bus is sure to hold a variety of memories for everyone. You can easily move around and even personalize it by decorating it with stuff that you want while you can talk about your experiences and make the ride fun and intimate.

Party Bus:

If you are planning to get the party started with all your friends’ way before you reach the location where prom is taking place then we suggest that you rent a party bus which is made to accommodate your whole group of friends which can be up to 40 people while having more than enough space for everyone. With its party-perfect interior, you get in the mood immediately and blast all the songs you want while indulging yourself in other activities the party bus has to offer like a mini dance floor and a karaoke machine.


A limo is one of the most common but extremely practical choices of transportation you can choose for your prom. It is a vehicle that has it all from luxury to more than enough space. It is perfect for traveling with a date or with a group of friends since it has enough space to accommodate up to 10 people which makes it economical and affordable as you can split the costs and make sure that everyone travels in style. Also, the interior of a limo is designed to get the party started while you are on the road with LED lighting, blasting music, snacks, and drinks.

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We hope you have a prom to remember!