As the capital of the state of New Jersey, also once the capital of the US, Trenton holds significant importance for all Americans. It has many notable buildings and locations to visit along with even having a jail. 

Since Trenton is the state capital, it has everything from museums to libraries. There are several monuments which are scattered around Trenton for spreading awareness about the history of the US and its citizens. 

Due to its notable position in the US, people tend to visit Trenton for all that it has to offer. If you are planning to visit Trenton in the coming days, then you might want to check out the upcoming events in town. After you have spent time roaming around Trenton and have already looked at all the monuments, then these events might interest you.


Have crocodiles always fascinated you? If yes, then you have a golden opportunity to learn more about them since the New Jersey State Museum in Trenton is home to a grand exhibit about crocodiles who have been on earth for the past 200 million years.

Several skeletons are on display along with one of the largest crocodiles that has ever roamed these lands. Along with that, they have interactive sessions which you can be a part of. 


Calling all art lovers! If you enjoy art, this tour is one that you need to be a part of. To celebrate the 40th Anniversary of the Public Buildings Arts Inclusion Act, the statehouse Tour Office is hosting this event to revive the art in Trenton. You will be taken on a tour around Trenton to see various artworks spread throughout the area even incorporated in the architecture like stained glass, tilework, paintings, outdoor sculptures, and more among other buildings around Trenton. 

The Artwork Tours will not cost you a penny — they are free! 

Every Friday till 27th September 2019, you can gather at the Statehouse Annex at 1:30 PM to take the Tour of Artworks. Be prepared to be aesthetically pleased. 


Africa has a rich and diverse history that many African-Americans might not know about. This event aims to celebrate and spread awareness about the roots so that people can learn more about their ancestry. It allows the community to come together, celebrate, educate each other, and connect with each other and their roots. 

Kicking off at 10 AM on the steps of the City Hall, it will continue into the evening where the festival will kick into full swing with several vendors, live music, and cuisine stalls. 

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