6 Best Things to Do in West Orange EWR

West Orange is a township in Newark, NJ’s Watchung Mountains. Newark is known as the most culturally wealthy region in New Jersey. And it is one of the major historical places in the Northeast. If you are a visitor in Newark and want to tour the city, you can easily book a cheap limo NJ for a more comfortable journey. The turtle-shaped West Orange can be found in the forested South Mountain Park on the Rahway River.

This Township is located in Essex County Near Airport. It is considered one of New Jersey’s greatest places to live. People in West Orange enjoy a deep city atmosphere. If you live near an airport, visiting this location is a lot of benefits. West Orange is close to the airport, so it’s a good choice. You can utilize the transportation Newark airport for this purpose.

There are several attractions to visit in West Orange Township. If you are on vacation and have arrived at the airport, you should go to this area. You may choose Newark international airport transportation for your vocation aims. There are many best things to do in west orange EWR.

Eagle Rock Reservation

Eagle Rock Reservation is a forest reserve of 408.33 acres. In New Jersey’s First Watchung Mountain, there is also a place to enjoy. The Eagle Rock inspired the name of the reserve. An exposed rock high on the mountain, near the border of Montclair and West Orange. The popular Lenape Trail runs through the reserve.

It is accessed by many streams, which are home to a variety of wildlife such as deer and, on rare occasions, wolves. The reservation comprises a restaurant and a venue for special events. A monument may be seen in a part of the park that overlooks the beautiful Manhattan view. If you wish to go to this place.  You can simply take a car service from Newark to Manhattan.

Codey Arne

Codey Arena is a West Orange ice hockey and ice-skating area. It is the home of the Eastern Professional Hockey League’s Jersey Rockhoppers. The peace is maintained by the New Jersey Daredevils, a special needs hockey team.

Skating lessons are available for both children and adults at the facility. If you love the sport and want to take skating lessons, simply take a cheap limo NJ to this venue. Other sporting events, such as the Essex County Tournament of high school wrestling and other activities, have taken place at the arena.

Sea Turtle Recovery

Sea Turtle Recovery, a 4,000-square-foot nonprofit organization. It focused on sea turtle rehabilitation. It is located in Turtle Back Zoo. Inside the Essex County, Turtle Back Zoo is the Sea Turtle Recovery Center. if you wish to go to this place. And you came close to the airport. You may easily transfer to Newark airport for better convenience. Furthermore, you can also take a cheap limo NJ for a more comfortable ride.

It supports sick sea turtles with food, medicine, and other therapies. They are cared about by the Recovery until they can be released into the ocean. Sea Turtle Recovery also collaborates with locals to increase sea turtle awareness.

Highlawn Pavilion

Eagle Rock Reservation is found in West Orange. Highlawn Pavilion is a delicious food establishment with great views of Manhattan. If you wish to go to this restaurant, you may book a car service from Newark to Manhattan for a relaxing journey. In addition, the food has been raised to a new level.

In December 1986, the restaurant opened in the former open-air “casino.” It is enclosed by a lushly designed park. The pavilion is a favorite venue for luxurious weddings and other special occasions. The restaurant is decorated furnished and has a wonderful Old World charm, with brilliant light and tables. This is the place to go if you want to arrange an event. You may do this by hiring a cheap limo NJ for a luxurious ride. The menu is centered on their wood-burning Italian brick oven and char-grill.

South Mountain Reservation

On the Rahway River, South Mountain Reservation is a 2,110-acre natural reserve. It’s in the northeastern part of the state of Newark. Essex County Parks currently operates it. At the end of the 19th century, the reserve was created out of the surrounding forest. The forests were mainly kept in their original state.

And the variety of hardwood trees were mostly conserved in their wild state. If you are on vacation and residing near the airport, you may experience this beautiful theme by using transportation Newark airport.  Cool streams and waterfalls also share the woodland with stately hemlocks.

Paddle Boating

The reservoir would have a paddle boating dock and picnic pavilion. It is for the public to utilize for picnics and taking a paddleboat out on the water. If you are on vacation with your family and friends and have arrived near the airport and like to explore this location. You can easily hire Newark international airport transportation.

The addition of paddle boats to the lake and the reopening of the picnic pavilion. This place can give the public fresh ways to enjoy the beautiful scenery. If you want to take advantage of this, you can easily rent a cheap limo NJ. Paddle boats can be available for rent seven days a week from 10 a.m. to 8 p.m. A two-person boat for a half-hour costs $14, while a four-person boat for a half-hour costs $18. Because of the amenities in the township, West Orange and Essex County are permanently linked.

The Bottom Line

There are many things to do in West Orange EWR. If you are on vacation with your friends and family and want to see more sights in Newark. To change your mood, you should visit different locations in west orange. Then you can hire a car for transfer to Newark airport. Simply contact Exclusive Taxi and Car Services for more information. This is the most well-known cheap limo NJ service, with low prices and budget-friendly packages that are ideal for both locals and visitors.