5 Spring and Summer Festivals in New Jersey

New Jersey Festivals, particularly in the spring and summer, has long been a part of the New Jersey way of life, and they are widely celebrated. In New Jersey, there are magnificent lakes, unmatched peacefulness, and calm beauty. If you’ve seen everything and still want more, go to one of New Jersey’s spring or summer festivals. Which will not only bring you closer to their culture but also provide you with a fun experience. If you’ve just landed at the main airport in New Jersey, you should go to various festivals to have a good time. You may go to your desired location by taking the NJ airport shuttle.

This year’s spring and summer festivals are taking place, following an extended pause due to a pandemic scenario. You must be prepared for them at this time. There are many different themes to select from, such as rides, shows, and musical performances. You can find everything you need to have a good time with your family. You may easily choose a budget-friendly cheap limo service NJ. Furthermore, if you are a tourist, you can quickly attend the events by taking NJ auto transport. If you want to experience Spring and Summer in New Jersey, these six upcoming events should spark your curiosity.

Food Truck and Craft Beverages Fest NJ

This event is always held in April, and Avenue is the Skylands Stadium field at Sussex Country. It is a one-day event that takes place from 12 p.m. to 7 p.m. in May. The goal of this New Jersey event is simple: to bring people together over good cuisine and craft beverages. This festival is conveniently accessible to you and your family. You may do this by hiring a limo ride NJ for a luxurious journey. If you want to save money, consider using NJ auto transport or cheap limo service NJ. More than 30 food trucks, including local merchants like Sip N Swirl Ice Cream, can become present at this event.

You can play lawn games, drink artisan coffee, eat fantastic cuisine, shopping, and listen to live music while snacking and watching video games. This festival takes place near the main airport in New Jersey. You can quickly attend the festival by using the NJ airport shuttle. If you want to make your holiday more pleasurable, you should go to this festival with many fun activities.

Lighthouse Film Festival NJ

This event creates a group of directors, film reviewers, and film industry experts who are passionate about movies. Lighthouse International Film Festival serves this aim by presenting some of the highest-rated films from major festivals across the world. Documentaries, conceptual features, dramatic shorts, surf films, and other categories are just a few examples.

In addition, there will be a panel discussion with producers and detractors, surfing competitions, networking parties, and cuisine. If you enjoy attending various events while visiting or staying in New Jersey. Then you should follow this festival when it takes place. You may use NJ auto transport to get to this event location.

This event aims to encourage various types of storytelling while also educating people about current issues. This event is not only educational but also entertaining. Suppose you’re going to the event with a loved one or your family. In this case, you may travel in style and luxury by hiring a limo ride NJ.

Wildwood International Kite Festival NJ

Come to the largest kite festival in the United States, directly in Wildwood, NJ, for a four-day event. This event offers various opportunities to display their unique flying beauty, such as presenting kite artists from all around the world. This celebration starts with a Friday night social gathering called the “unlocking of the beach,” in which kites are launched into the sky. If you love flying kites, you must attend this event. If you do not have your vehicle, you may easily hire a cheap limo service NJ for a more affordable choice.

Displays, fundraisers, kite contests, and exciting-filled night fly events are among the festival’s activities. On Saturday, there are silent and noisy deals, while on Sunday, there are colossal kite flying, group flying, sports kite displays, and family games. If you have just arrived at the main airport in New Jersey and need to go to the event, you may easily use the NJ airport shuttle service.

New Jersey Festival of Ballooning NJ

New Jersey’s lottery festival of ballooning is one of the most enchanting events in the state. Once a day, stunning sports and balloons are released into the sky. Taking a hot air balloon flight might result in “love at first sight.” Fastened rides give you a taste of ballooning without having to leave the festival grounds.

At the concession agreement stands, hundreds of exhibitors sell arts and crafts as well as unusual meals. If you’re on vacation, you should take your family and friends to this event. You may utilize limo ride NJ. You may also choose a cheap limo service NJ if you want a more economical ride.

Barefoot Country Music Fest NJ

Summer and country music appears to be mutually beneficial. This event will take place in August. This New Jersey event hopes to attract a fantastic lineup of the country’s top 30 music artists. The beautiful event is a summer holiday destination because of the blend of folk music and the gorgeous backdrop of the Wildwood beaches.

If you’ve just arrived at the main airport in New Jersey, you may easily book an NJ shuttle service to go to the event. Because parking on the beach is restricted, those interested in attending must obtain a parking permit in advance of the event if you’re with your loved ones or family. You may easily hire a limo ride NJ for this reason for comfortable travel.

The Bottom Line

If you want to have some fun in New Jersey, there are numerous festivals to visit. If you’re on vacation with family or friends, you should go to these festivals to broaden your knowledge and have a good time. You may take the NJ airport shuttle to these locations.

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