Long Beach Island is one of the most popular islands among the people the United States for its tourism and profitable real estate along with fun and enjoyable water activities, especially fishing. Over summers the number of people on the island is increased considerably giving way to a number of happenings and events taking place on the island itself.

One of the most worth it event taking place this summer are the shows scheduled to play on the stage of Surflight theater in Long Beach Island, New Jersey.

This summer Mama Mia is coming to the Long Beach Island, New Jersey!

Based on the evergreen song recorded by a Swedish pop group ABBA, Mama Mia is a musical which has been performed on the stage for over 6000 performances. It is a timeless and longest-running jukebox musical that has been performed on Broadway stages in over 50 countries and continues to be performed to this day. Also, two movies have also been inspired by the same song.

Mama Mia is derived from Italian where it is used to express surprise or excitement.

It is loved by people of all ages, all over the world which keeps it in the trend to this date. Audiences are still willing to buy tickets and watch the performances while they enjoy other ABBA songs which continue to be hit to this day and are incorporated in the performances. The hits that are included in Mama Mia are:

  • Dancing Queens
  • Knowing Me, Knowing You
  • SOS
  • The Winner Takes It All

Mama Mia narrates the hilarious yet enlightening journey of a young lady who is about to get married but is in search for her real father. The setting is on one of the most aesthetic paradises of Greek Island which makes the show bright and sunny throughout the tale. Multiple relations are featured during the voyage which creates a sort of web. You will be able to see the relationship between a daughter, her mother and three other males who are candidates for her possible father. This confusion is unfolded in the tale with ups and downs as a part of life, making Mama Mia a worthwhile and worth remembering experience.

Tickets vary is prices for adults and children of 12 and under. Adults above 12 have to $39 while the young ones have to pay $29 to buy their tickets. The show is actively performed on stage till 4th August at Surflight Theaters from 2 pm-4 pm. Another timing for the performance is at 8 pm which you can check out on the Surflight’s website.

Make sure to grab your tickets before the last date and avail the chance to view the dancing and singing extravaganza Mama Mia is!

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