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Spotswood is one of the boroughs present in the heart of the Middlesex County of New Jersey which dates back as one of the first European settlement. The county is one of the most thriving areas where communities of people come together for growth and development. It’s a hub of opportunities but despite the urban development all around Spotswood continues to be popular for maintaining and preserving its roots of the past with its country charm which is present till date.

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It is one of the safest places to settle down in with nature all around you and even the streets and roads are lined with trees of various kinds making it the perfect spring destination. There are also several wetlands which play an important in maximizing the beauty of Spotswood, NJ.

The security system is well run and supervised by the police department which ensures the smooth running of life in Spotswood, NJ. Along with the education system and school which are the main hub for all events and recreational activities due to them being equipped with grounds, tracks, court and is open all day for the public once the school ends for the day.

The people always tend to come together on numerous events throughout the year especially for the Christmas tree lighting which happens right in the center of the town. Along with that, there are parades as well which you can be a part of and enjoy to the fullest with all its glitz and glamour.

There are even shopping center where you can go on a shopping spree along with enjoying the numerous fast food joints which are present in Spotswood, NJ.

There are numerous places one can visit when they are visiting Spotswood, NJ or even just passing by.

  • Lake DeVoe
  • Cambridge Inn
  • Duhernal Lake
  • Gennaro’s
  • Jamesburg Park
  • Otilia’s Café
  • Veteran Park
  • Helmetta Pond
  • Welsh Park
  • Frost Woods Park

To get you anywhere around Spotswood, NJ Exclusive Taxi and Car service have the best cars around the town. With our extensive fleet, we are never short of cars ready for you and providing you services. Our upgraded and modern fleet includes:

List of Fleets:

  • Standard Taxi Fleet: Grand Marquis, Chevy Impalas, Dodge Caravans.
  • Black Car Fleet: Lincoln Town Car, Lincoln MKT, Chrysler 300, Cadillac XTS, Chevrolet Suburban.
  • Limo fleet:6, 8, and 10 passenger stretches.

Exclusive Taxi and Car service prides itself on providing its clients and customers with reasonable and comfortable travel services throughout the year. We try our very best to ensure that our clients reach their desired location without any hassle and problem.

When at a new location getting around becomes an issue especially if one doesn’t know their way around that is why you need someone who knows their way around even the shortcuts and the best routes available. That is why Exclusive Taxi and Car service is the most convenient choice.

We have trained and experienced drivers who know their way around, also they are licensed with extensive knowledge of traffic rules and regulations. While our cars are maintained and checked on a regular basis to assure the highest quality service.

Choose Exclusive Taxi and Car services for getting around Spotswood, NJ without any problems or issues.

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