Airport Car Services, Stretch Limousines, and Party Buses in Sicklerville, NJ

Sicklerville, New Jersey Airport Car Services, Stretch Limousines, and Party Buses

Explore Sicklerville, NJ with Exclusive Taxi and Car Services.

Dating back to the 19th century, Sicklerville was established due to the Sicklerville Post office after the name of its first postmaster whose descendants live there to the date. Sicklerville is an unincorporated community which is located within the boundaries of Winslow Township which is a part of the Camden County of New Jersey.

It was founded by a man named John Sickler who had lived in the area at that time. The community earned its own ZIP code for postal service due to the significance of the post office. It was previously known as ‘Sickler Town’ and had only ten residents at the time.

There is a number of places to worship in Sicklerville, NJ most of the churches which practice various beliefs and some of them date back to more than 100 years making them few of the oldest churches of America.  You can visit them all not only for praying but also to marvel at the architecture which has been maintained by the community to keep the history alive.

Moreover, if you are a foodie then you are in for a treat since Sicklerville, NJ  has a number of eateries that not only offer dine-in but also take out at any time of the day which enables you to satisfy your cravings at any time of the day without any problems. You can get your hands on any type of meal you are looking for.

The community itself is very welcoming who is friendly as well as outgoing due to the presence of the number of parks in the area. You can even go trails for a hike or just visit any park for a picnic or a day out with the family. You have access to basketball courts and divers academy which has some of the best professional trainers who are always ready to help you out.

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There are other forms of entertainment and games which you can indulge in so that you would never go bored when you are in Sicklerville.

  • Sicklerville Post Office
  • New Brooklyn County Park
  • New Brooklyn Disc Golf Course
  • Donio 2
  • Sicklerville Soul food
  • Villa Deli
  • Peter Volpa Park
  • Villari’s Lakeside Restaurant
  • Camden County College Trailhead
  • Gloucester Township Community Park
  • Lake Mathilde
  • Divers Academy International
  • Prime Time Basketball
  • Soccer Field
  • Swing Set Service
  • Great Egg Harbor River
  • Carnival of collectibles
  • The Grotto
  • Toms Branch
  • Aloha Bay
  • Frontier Fortress Paintball and Airsoft
  • Stella Maise Park
  • Daniel Calabrese Memorial Park

With so many places to visit and go around you need to have a mode of transportation. If you do not have your own car that can be a tricky business and that is why you need to get in touch with a reliable travel service.

Exclusive Taxi and Car Service is one of the most credible and reliable travel service providers in the vicinity who have been present in the field for multiple years.

They have trained and licensed professionals who are experts behind the wheel and know it all about cars. They are educated about all the rules and laws of being on the road with all the best possible routes to all your destinations and locations.

The cars of Exclusive Taxi and Car Service are of top-notch quality maintained to the highest standards to ensure the comfort of our customers and clients. Our car is maintained on a regular basis and goes through clean up to make sure that the interior, as well as the exterior, is spotless and clean. We make sure to keep the interior fresh to maintain our standards so that you do not feel any discomfort.

Moreover, Exclusive Taxi and Car Service have one of the extensive range of modern as well as vintage cars along with limo for special formal events. You can select any car that you like from the range that too at a reasonable price.

List of Fleets:

  • Standard Taxi Fleet: Grand Marquis, Chevy Impalas, Dodge Caravans.
  • Black Car Fleet: Lincoln Town Car, Lincoln MKT, Chrysler 300, Cadillac XTS, Chevrolet Suburban.
  • Limo fleet: 6, 8, and 10 passenger stretches.

The price packages of Exclusive Taxi and Car Services are pocket and budget-friendly so that traveling does not become an extra expense on your head. You can go through various price points that we offer and select what suits you the best. We have market competitive rates while maintaining the highest standards.

So whenever you are in Sicklerville, NJ reaches out to Exclusive Taxi and Car Service for all your travel needs so that you are in no worries when you have to get to any location that you have in mind. You get to travel in all the comfort that you can think of and hope to get while not paying a huge amount of money which will hurt your pocket.

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