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One of the most recommended places to raise a family and settle down is a borough in Mercer County, New Jersey known as Hopewell.

It is one of the most renowned boroughs of Mercer County due to its historic charm and quaint picturesque features. Hopewell to the date excludes and portrays history of the times dating back to horse carts and simple life. The streets carry meaning and have memories attached to them which you can easily find about from the locals around.

The people and residents of Hopewell are very friendly, welcoming and accommodating who are always ready to help you out and guide you around the borough.

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There are several antique shops and restaurants as well which have been running from the start and continue to be in business through generations. Moreover, you will find historic architecture and the lived-in centuries-old Victorian and colonial houses which are beautiful and still in the best condition.

It has been nominated as one of the best small towns and best place to call home by magazines.

The picturesque town gains its beauty more when one finds open spaces of nature surrounding the whole borough, there is enough greenery to keep you content and in tune with nature while you roam around Hopewell.

The downtown of Hopewell is always hustling and bustling with activity with people coming and going, you will always find something. The businesses flourish while preserving the historic sites around them.

Also, the public schools in Hopewell are one of the best and are attended by several students of the borough and the surrounding area as well.

The parks in Hopewell are all open for the public where you can easily organize and plan picnics. You can also enjoy various events which take place in parks like concerts and festivals. There are even walking trails with playgrounds which are a perfect spot for children.

  • Hopewell Park
  • Hopewell Railroad Station
  • Hopewell Valley Bistro and Inn
  • Hopewell Museum
  • Washington Crossing state park
  • The Watershed Institute
  • Mt Rose
  • Mercer Meadows
  • Rosedale Park
  • Hopewell Valley Vineyards
  • Baldwin State Wildlife Management Area
  • Curlis Lake Woods
  • St Michael’s Farm Preserve
  • Stonybrook Golf Club
  • Troon Brewing
  • The Blue Bottle Café
  • Brick Farm Market
  • Nomad Pizza
  • Cedar Ridge Preserve
  • Woolsey Park
  • Athletic Fields at Timberlane
  • Jacob’s Creek Trail
  • Pennington Golf Center
  • Hopewell Valley Senior Center

With so many places and locations to explore you are bond to need to find your way around and finding your way around a new location is always a difficult task so why not leave that in the hands-on experienced professionals who know their way around?

Exclusive Taxi and Car Service is the travel service you are looking for.

From having the most reliable, affordable and comfortable service for our clients we have an extensive fleet of cars which you can choose from at any time of the day to go to any location in Hopewell. Our drivers are licensed and certified with years of experience on the road under their belts.

List of Fleets:

  • Standard Taxi Fleet:Grand Marquis, Chevy Impalas, Dodge Caravans.
  • Black Car Fleet:Lincoln Town Car, Lincoln MKT, Chrysler 300, Cadillac XTS, Chevrolet Suburban.
  • Limo fleet:6, 8, and 10 passenger stretches.

Choose from the wide range of cars that Exclusive Taxi and Car service has and we will send it to you right away so that you can do away with driving yourself and having a relaxing day or a comfortable ride to the location you are going in Hopewell, NJ

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